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Dr. Antje Baumgarten
Manager Business Development and Marketing

GoodMills Deutschland GmbH
Haulander Hauptdeich 2
21107 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 75 109-780


Press information

Flour and fine arts

GoodMills Deutschland GmbH is supporting the exhibition entitled “Objects. Food. Rooms” by sculptor Thomas Rentmeister, which will be on display at the Museum of Arts in Bonn from 20 October 2011 to 5 February 2012.

Press information "Flour and Fine Arts" for download

Combining tradition and modernity

All milling locations of VK Mühlen AG are now being presented as the GoodMills Deutschland GmbH with a new corporate design. The joint presentation under the Kampffmeyer umbrella brand is a return to more than 120 years of history of the business. The new corporate design is an additional symbol for the unity of the mills.

Press information "Combining tradition and modernity" for download